Friday, April 23, 2010

Spicy Cheese Cilantro Muffins and Citrusy Muffins

I was tired last night and physically could not go into detail about my muffins.

The spicy cheese cilantro has a blend of shredded Monterrey,  Colby Jack, and cheddar cheeses and some chili powder, paprika,  salt, chopped fresh green onion and cilantro. My roommates loved those.

When I told people at work that I wanted to make savory as well as sweet muffins, many of them never heard of the concept. I only had six savory muffins to distribute at work, so I will tell you how it goes.

The citrusy muffins measurements were thrown off but I think I recovered. It is more like a dense bread than a muffin. In it are dried blueberries, cranberries, golden raisins, and figs soaked in orange juice. It also has sesame seeds and pistachios. I wanted the muffins to be more citrusy than sweet.

As I am writing this, I just received some feedback. The spicy cheese cilantro muffins just blew the socks off of one of my coworkers. He liked the citrusy ones but not as much as the spicy ones. Whereas, another coworker really loved the citrusy ones and confirmed that they are more citrusy than sweet.

By the way, I have not stopped making cookies or cupcakes. They are just not my focus. I stick to my statement of muffins being superior and more versatile.


william said...

Sounds delicious! I also think muffins hold more possibilities than cupcakes.

Rese said...


You have to try my muffins. I am having so much more fun with these than I am having with the cookies. This time they will not be crumbled. I promise.

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