Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who's going to eat it all?

I just finished baking four batches of muffins. My roommates love them but seriously, who is going to eat them all? I am taking some to work. I don’t know why, but I get the sneaking suspicion that some people are getting annoyed with my baking at work.

In the back left corner are Sante Fe Jarlsberg muffins. A spicy cheese muffin with a nutty flavor. In the back middle are a modified (and better version) of the chili cilantro muffins. Okay, I say better because I actually wrote down the recipe to this one, but my roommates say that it is really better. In the back right corner are honey citrus muffins. These are pretty healthy, and by the time I had finished them, my roommates were full off of the two cheese ones. They were not tasted. They have some sugar but most of their sweetness comes from the fruits and honey. It is basically a modification, for the better, of the citrusy muffins. I, once again, used dried fruits because I have an abundance of them. In fact, I was going to use up the rest of the dried fruit with making a whole wheat flour/Agave nectar muffin. I became too pooped. There is always tomorrow. In the front center are some orange chocolate fudge cream cheese muffins with cashews. These muffins have a brownie like texture and in the middle is a dollop of orange flavored cream cheese. I do think that the chocolate lovers will enjoy.

I am off to bed. 


greentumb said...

Delicious! You should just open a bakery

Rese said...

Thanks. I have some urban planning dreams to achieve first. Love your screen name. When I open my bakery, I will use the herbs from your garden to flavor my savory muffins.

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